IQ Magazine: ‘We Need to Reimagine the Way We Tour’

Laura Newton, Author at Music Industry Therapist Collective

Dance Music & Mental Health: what next?

Pioneer DJ spoke to a number of mental health experts and dance music professionals to write this insightful piece which recommends several solutions to what is being called a ‘mental health pandemic’ for those in the industry.  Our founder, Tamsin, suggested a range of practical measures: “dry” dressing rooms with soft drinks and healthy snacks, signage


‘So much pressure to look a certain way’: why eating disorders are rife in pop music

Tamsin Embleton spoke to Rhian Jones at The Guardian about disordered eating and its prevalence in pop music.  She says, “Disordered eating patterns give the illusion of being in control when everything around you feels chaotic, unmanageable, changeable.  Eating disorders manage you, not the other way around”. The Guardian: Why eating disorders are rife in