Pitchfork: Confronting Music’s Mental Health Crisis

Pitchfork journalist Jenn Pelly interviews MITC’s Tamsin Embleton, and experts and artists including Santigold, Jeff Tweedy, and Denzel Curry to confront music’s mental health crisis.  Together they trace a web of pressing issues while imagining the paths forward.

Pitchfork announces Touring & Mental Health: The Music Industry Manual release date news

Touring and Mental Health: The Music Industry Manual, an in-depth guide edited by London-based psychotherapist and former booker Tamsin Embleton, has gotten an official release date. The 600-plus-page book collects insights from therapists, artists, performance coaches, psychologists, and other specialized health and wellness experts. It arrives on March 23 via Omnibus Press. In addition to her work

IQ Magazine: ‘We Need to Reimagine the Way We Tour’

Following a spate of tour cancellations due to mental health concerns, MITC psychotherapist Tamsin Embleton tells IQ how the industry can better protect its artists.   Tamsin Embleton: ‘We need to reimagine the way we tour’

Consequence of Sound: Touring Has a Mental Health Problem

MITC psychotherapists Jodi Milstein and Tamsin Embleton both shared their expertise with Consequence of Sound for this timely article.  As multiple artists cancel their tours due to financial and mental health concerns, it’s clear that the current model is unsustainable – but what, how and who can make real change happen?     Touring Has

Dance Music & Mental Health: what next?

Pioneer DJ spoke to a number of mental health experts and dance music professionals to write this insightful piece which recommends several solutions to what is being called a ‘mental health pandemic’ for those in the industry.  Our founder, Tamsin, suggested a range of practical measures: “dry” dressing rooms with soft drinks and healthy snacks, signage

‘So much pressure to look a certain way’: why eating disorders are rife in pop music

Tamsin Embleton spoke to Rhian Jones at The Guardian about disordered eating and its prevalence in pop music.  She says, “Disordered eating patterns give the illusion of being in control when everything around you feels chaotic, unmanageable, changeable.  Eating disorders manage you, not the other way around”. The Guardian: Why eating disorders are rife in


Vice meets mental health professionals – including MITC’s Jodi Milstein and Tamsin Embleton – who know what it feels like when the van breaks down, when the booker shorts the fee, or when your drummer is just being difficult. Vice: Meet the Therapists      

ROLLING STONE: How the Music Industry Is Fighting the Mental Health Crisis

‘We Can’t Have All Our Artists Die’: How the Music Industry Is Fighting the Mental-Health Crisis


GLOBAL MUSIC INDUSTRY BACKS WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 2019 Michael Rapino (CEO) of Live Nation backs the MITC’s Touring & Mental Health Manual. Global biz backs World Mental Health Day 2019

10 Things We Learned at Paris Electronic Week’s Mental Health Panel

Billboard magazine’s review of the Paris Electronic Week’s Mental Health Panel is here

Amsterdam Dance Event – Talent: Blessing or Curse? Part 3: Glamour and Grit

Tamsin Embleton is speaking at the Amsterdam Dance Event on the 16th October 2019. More on that here

Paris Electronic Week Conference

Tamsin Embleton spoke at the 2019 Paris Electronic Week conference.  Read more here

Top Tips For Those Considering A Career In Psychotherapy

Tamsin Embleton talks to the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine here

IMS College Malta September 2019

Tamsin Embleton spoke at IMS College, Malta in September 2019 on the music industry and mental health

Beyond The Decks

Matt Cantor talks to DJ magazine about mental health

Ask a professional: Difficult mental health scenarios, and how to approach them

Tamsin Embleton talks to DJ Magazine here

War Child Mental Health And The Music Industry Event

Tamsin Embleton from MITC spoke at War Child’s Mental Health and The Music Industry event on the 3rd panel of the day

Therapist to the Stars Jodi Milstein on Helping the Music Industry Cope

Jodi Milstein discussing the music industry and mental health with Billboard magazine

Battling Bands: This Next Song is Dedicated to Our Therapist

Read the Wall Street Journal’s article about mental health and the music industry here

Mental Health in Music: Nina’s Story – Nina Nesbitt and Tamsin Embleton

Hear MITC’s Tamsin Embleton on Elevate Music podcast about mental health and the music industry here

The Sweet Sanity Of Madness | Lou Lebentz

Watch the TEDx presentation by Lou Lebentz on mental health here on Youtube

A High Cost: How The Biz Is Fighting Back Against Mental Illness

Read IQ’s article about some of the initiatives aiming to make the live industry a healthier, happier place here

Tamsin Embleton: Mental Health In The Music Industry

Tamsin Embleton talks to Tag about mental health and the music industry here

Sound Affects: Music & Mental Health – Episode 4: The Music Industry Therapist Collective

John Bassett from MITC and Katy Georgiou explore the endemic culture within the industry perpetuating conditions for poor mental health here

How To Deal With Limiting Beliefs

Listen to the new Psychologies with UKCP ‘Talking Therapies’ podcast: ‘Permission to shine’ here

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